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This Page will explain the terms and conditions on which our partner restaurants would supply any of their meals (the “Meals”) presented on our site to you. Please read the terms and conditions before ordering any Meals from our site. Once you have accessed and placed an order from our site, it is certain that you have agreed to the terms and conditions and the terms of use policy.

If any questions and concerns relating to the terms and condition, please contact before you place an order. Do not use our service if you do not agree to our terms and conditions completely.

1. ABOUT US is a website operated by Daddy Services Ltd (“we” or “us” or “DaddyEat), incorporated and registered in England and Wales, whose registered address is in London, United Kingdom. Our company registration number is 11336344 . DaddyEat is a business where food is prepared by independent restaurant (our “partner restaurant”) on behalf of which we act as an agent and delivered by us.


The purpose of the service is to ensure we provide a suitable and simple service, connecting you to the partner restaurant and menu of their choice and allowing you to order their meals. The Meals are marketed by DaddyEats on behalf of the partner restaurant exclusively, concluding the orders on their behalf and delivering the Meals to you.


An order and delivery service are offered by DaddyEat from our partner restaurant throughout London and elsewhere in the UK. To ensure that the meals are at their best when delivered to the door, every Partner Restaurant has a prescribed delivery area. If the order is placed from outside of the delivery area, a notification would appear on screen informing you that the ordering online cannot take place as it will not be possible. Orders are not accepted from individuals to a post code in which we do not associate a Partner Restaurant. The hours will operate according to the local trading conditions and the availability of our partner restaurants. To view the menu on our service, click on the relevant link, which will allow you to see the variety of options to order through the chosen Partner Restaurant.


When the order is placed through our service, an email will be sent to you thanking you for ordering and confirming your order has been sent and accepted by the Partner Restaurant. When placing the order, you would take responsibility as you would act on your own behalf and not for any other person. DaddyEat will perform as an agent on behalf of the partner restaurants when we accept the order to conclude the sales of Meals to you. The contract based on the supply of any Meal that is ordered through us would be between you and the partner restaurant. It will only be formed once a conformation email is sent by us. We would communicate with you about the order via email therefore please ensure that you have provided us with your correct email address. Also, please ensure that the right address and telephone number is provided as this would allow us to deliver the Meal at the right location. If you do not collect the Meal or respond to any telephonic correspondence within 10 min of our delivery driver reaching the address physically, the drivers have the right to leave the premises as well as the Meal will be charged. DaddyEats desire a passion to deliver a quality service, we will be the first contact in event if any problem occurs with your Meal, regarding the food quality or the temperature. It is important for the partner restaurant to comply with our standards therefore we monitor them carefully as this ensures us to maintain our reputation.


The Meals are focus to availability. The partner restaurants would possibly offer an alternative for any Meal that they cannot make available to you. Meals may contain nuts therefore please call the restaurant for allergy enquires. DaddyEat does not guarantee that any of the Meals sold by the partner restaurants are allergen free.


To place an order for alcohol from our partner restaurants, there is an age restriction as the person must be aged 18 or over. The beverages are only to be sold and delivered to the persons aged 18 or over. If an order includes alcohol being purchased, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years old. The Challenge 25 age Verification policy is operated by DaddyEats as customers may not look over the age of 18 therefore you may be asked to provide proof of age to confirm that you are 18 years old or over. DaddyEat has the right to refuse to deliver the alcohol if no one appears to collect the order or cannot provide any evidence of their age. DaddyEat also has the right to refuse to deliver alcohol to a customer that appears to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.


DaddyEats aim to provide the best delivery. However due to certain factors, such as weather or traffic conditions would prevent us to provide the best service. Our aim is to ensure that your Meal is delivered by the time stated in the email. The timing of the order is estimated based on the conditions being faced by the partner restaurant depending on the amount of orders.


You can cancel an order before the order has been classified as a started order. You can cancel the order by contacting the partner restaurant. The partner restaurant would categorise a bad order for any order that has been cancelled after the food has been used and has been started to be prepared, which is a “Started Order”. The partner restaurant or DaddyEats may cancel the order but will notify you as soon as possible. According to this situation, you will not be charged if the order has been cancelled. The money is compensated through the same method that has been used to pay for the order if in any case the partner restaurant or DaddyEats had to cancel the order. Once the order has been cancelled it would be classified as a started order which you would be charged for however DaddyEats would regulate whether it is a started order or not.


The prices for all the Meals will be listed on the service. Prices include VAT. The prices vary depending on the different types of menus. The prices may change however the changes do not affect the order in respect of what has been declared in the conformation email. This could be related to a pricing mistake, where we would inform you about the pricing issue and would come up with an alternative. Once notified, you can cancel the order. As much as we ensure we give our best efforts, some of the meals listed may have the incorrect price. During the order process, the partner restaurant would verify the prices. The meals can be paid through credit or debit card through the service. When the order is confirmed, your credit or debit card would go through authorisation process, which would also confirm the amount of the payment. The Payment is made to DaddyEats as it acts as an agent towards the partner restaurant. The partner restaurants have authorised our service to accept the payment on their behalf and the payment for any meal to us will discharge your requirements to pay such price to the partner restaurant. When a delivery is made, we charge you for the delivery fee, which would be informed before you complete the order.

10. TIPS

When you place an order, you have an option to make a flexible amount of payment in the form of a tip or perquisite to DaddyEat in addition to the purchase price for the meals in the order. There are more details available about tips for DaddyEats on the website.


DaddyEats provides the service and content on “as-is” and “as available” basis therefore we do not make any representation or any kind of warranty regarding to the content or the availability of the service. Subject provided, neither DaddyEats nor the partner restaurant shall have any liability to you for any indirect, direct, special or consequential losses or damages which would arise in contract, tort (together with negligence) or else arising from your use of or incapability to use our service. Our total collective liability is limited in an event if DaddyEat or the partner restaurant is found to be liable to you. It is limited to the purchase price of which the meals you have paid in your order. However, this does not embrace or limit in any way DaddyEats or any partner restaurants liability for any matter as it would be an illegal act for us or an attempt to exclude, our or its liability. This includes liability for personal injury or death which is caused by negligence or fraud.


No party should be liable towards the other due to any postponement or non- performance of its requirements under the agreement that would arise from any cause beyond its control. This would include any of the following acts, without limitation: act of god, fire, flood, governmental act, war, explosion and civil commotion. To avoid the doubt, nothing in section 11 shall excuse the customer from any payment requirement under this agreement.


In this agreement nothing intended to constitute DaddyEat as your agent as well as authorising DaddyEat to enter into certain commitments for or in your behalf.


DaddyEats, the partner restaurant and you are not responsible to the others for any postponement or non-performance of its requirement under the agreement that would arise from any cause beyond its control. This would include any of the following acts without limitation: act of god, fire, flood, governmental act, war, explosion and civil commotion.


If any of the provisions in this agreement are being judged to be recognised as an illegal act or enforceable, the continuance in full force and the effect of the residue shall not be prejudice.


These terms and conditions maintain the whole agreement between the parties which are related to its subject matter and succeed all prior agreements. As well as ensuring the arrangements and understandings between the parties are subject matter related.


DaddyEat may review these terms and conditions at any time by altering this page. As these terms are compulsory to you, you are expected to check this page time to time to view the new changes that we make.


The English courts would have jurisdiction associating with any claim related to, any use of our service. Any dispute, the terms of use or any arise claim arising out and in connection with them or their subject matter or formation, such as claims and non-contractual disputes, shall be ruled by construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.